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Gold Barn Blueberries


Oval: Since 1962


Gold Barn Blueberries

15985 Quincy Street

Holland, MI 49424



 July and August

8:00 am-8:00 pm


Closed Sunday

Blueberries   Blueberries   Blueberries

Early Blue Is one of the first to ripen with a nice crop of large sweet berries!  One of the most popular varieties!  Can be used for cooking, but much better to eat fresh!how can we resist?

Duke One of the early bloomers.  Nice deep medium sized blue berries.  Fruit flavor is mild, but becomes more aromatic after several hours in cold storage to remove field heat.

Spartan Early, Tangy-Sweet, and Delicious! The light blue berries are as large as a quarter!  The berries are HUGE (sometimes as large as a quarter or more!), light blue, and packed with tangy-sweet flavor that lingers deliciously after eating. It begins fruiting early and keeps going for a long season.

Weymouth Is a delicious berry. These are first generation derivatives of the wild varieties used for genetic experimentation.

Bluecrop The Bluecrop Blueberry has a firm light blue medium-sized fruit. This blueberry is considered the best for consistent yields, disease resistance and high quality.

Blueray The Blueray Blueberry is a heavy producer of high quality large, powder-blue berries with outstanding dessert flavor. Pink tinged flowers are followed by edible, sweet, round, deep blue berries to 1/2 inch across.

Draper A mid-season variety which crops a few days before Bluecrop.  The fruit is consistently large and uniform, and is light blue in color, firm with crisp flesh. The flavor is low acid and the fruit has a strong skin.

Collins Is a highbush type cultivar. Fruit size is medium, and quality is excellent. The berries are light blue and the flavor has a sweet to mild taste. Collins is one of the leading early varieties that should be great for fresh market and U-pick operations.

Pemberton Medium-blue berries that are difficult to pick and prone to cracking in the wet weather.  Flowers are followed by edible, sweet, round, deep blue berries to 1/2 inch across.

Berkley Large, open loose clusters of large, firm, powder blue fruit. Berkley has a mild pleasing flavor with high dessert quality. Also a good variety for freezing.

Jersey Has a dark blue fruit that is small to medium in size and very sweet in flavor. It is very productive and an excellent berry for baking.

Rubel Intense, sweet/tart flavor and good productivity have kept this nearly 100-year-old variety still in cultivation. Healthy Rubel consistently outranks any other blueberry in antioxidant concentration -- none beat it!



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